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Ranar by Yukari Yamamoto

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Ranar is my ideal rational humanist.

This image of him by artist Yukari Yamamoto charged my rel-batteries during the Reality Skimming Press years in the 20-teens.

Yukari posted it to the reality skimming facebook page as a gift.

It remains the definitive portrait of Ranar as a character. A long overdue need fulfilled, since Ranar is so important to the arc of the relationship between Rire and Sevildom from beginning to end of the 10-novel Okal Rel Saga.

Genetically speaking -- Reetions, like Ranar -- are a meld of the best and the bravest of Earth who founded Rire (then New Earth) before the catastrophic shifting of jump connections that severed the Alpha Colonies from their home world before Earth developed Sevolites (see the Lorel Experiement).


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