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Lorel Sevolites

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Court Sevolites of the Okal Rel Saga era are either in awe of or highly suspicious of Lorels. There is a Brown Hearth, reserved for their use, but it is held in trust by Green Hearth (House Monitum). Lorels haven't visited court since they were expelled (1) in a anti-science pogrom a couple centuries before.

  • Lorels were actually the first Sevolites, originating (1) in the near future of Earth 50-100 years from now.

  • Their relationship to the rest of Sevildom is varied and complex, spanning the 1,000 year history of post-Earth civilization. Since their exodus from court, they've interacted mainly through TouchGate Hospital. Their home planet, called Luverthan, is considered mythical by court Sevolites. Which is how the Lorels living there like it (3).

  • Dartha Lorel is a key player in the final book of the Okal Rel Saga: Unholy Science.


(1) Not without cause! The story of this period and the internal struggle between different groups of Lorels about how to relate to the rest of Sevildom associate with it, is yet to be told.

(2) The story of their origins is told in The Lorel Experiment, available for free on Wattpad.


Lore posts feature aspects of the in-world Okal Rel Universe such as settings, in-world history, characters, cultures, technology, etc. For a concise (and free!) overview check out The Official Guide to the Okal Rel Universe on Wattpad.


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