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Self-Evolved Limited's Logo

#okalrel novella The Lorel Experiment covers the start of Self-Evolved Limited, the company whose products became known as Sevolites (homo sevolite).

The logo shown here was an early effort in Photoshop, probably in the 1990s


Self-Evolved Limited was founded by Damien Lorel, the child of the founding philanthropists behind the "uplift" effort covered in the Lorel Experiment. Backlash by anti-Sevolite terrorists turned Damien into a canny operator projecting a reassuring front to the public while privately continuing to pursue his interpretation of his parents' dreams.

A follow up novella to the Lorel Experiment was toyed with, for a bit, by myself and Virginia O'Dine way back when, but never got far. Damien profited from selling Sevolites as "flesh robots" with short life spans and little free will, devoid of human rights. Writing Drops of Humanity, explaining how some "special" Sevolites were aided by human allies, is still on my bucket list.


Lore posts feature aspects of the in-world Okal Rel Universe such as settings, in-world history, characters, cultures, technology, etc. For a concise (and free!) overview check out The Official Guide to the Okal Rel Universe on Wattpad.


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