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Conscious of my own mortality ... in 2001!

I've congratulated myself on living "the now" and getting on with it as if this was something I only recently discovered. I was therefore amused to discover the following journal note from nearly 20 years! I'll repeat the text, cleanly, below with a bit of editing to make the message tighter.

Aug 13, 2001
First rule - if it can't be started now it will not happen. It is hot. I am in a Sandman hotel on the way home from New Westminster with my mother, aged 86, and conscious of my own mortality. Both my mother and grandmother lived beyond their mental competence. I want to live to the limit of my powers while I have them. I am bored with stunned grief, and diminishing, myself, without a struggle. I will not report intensions, only what I do about them.


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