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About the Okal Rel universe

The Okal Rel Universe (ORU) is the setting of a 10-novel science fiction series by author Lynda Williams and published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing of Calgary between 2000 and 2015.

Both before and since, the ORU was something more. The characters and settings evolved out of interactive play in Lynda's childhood that continued in various forms thorough her adult, working years. 

Lynda is now the rights holder, again, of the Okal Rel Universe works published by Edge, and experimenting with how the ORU and other projects might play out in her golden years. Current projects include a free Wattpad edition and Spotify podcast.

Please note that while we haven't ruled out anything concerning our future, yet, we are not taking submissions for publication in the usual sense at this time or in the foreseeable future. If you are interested in creative opportunities for collaboration, get in touch.

 Reality Skimming Blog


A #SlowCulture project. Come fly with us.

  • Story: Story installments set in the Okal Rel Universe

  • Lore: Background ref, art, etc. for the Universe

  • Journey: Creative history, artifacts, connections

  • Reality Skimming: Everything else 

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