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Seeing like the protocol

Today's emerging arbiter administration.

Screenshot from Bankless podcast at timestamp

In the Arbiter Administration of the Reetions, rules of social governance are executed by impersonal AI called arbiters. I long viewed taking central control out of the hands of corruptible humans as a necessary step in achieving a fair society. People objected it would never be possible because any technology is hackable.

If you take a listen to the "Seeing Like the Protocol" segment in the Bankless podcast featured here, it starts to demonstrate the concept of an arbiter administration beautifully.

The state is Hobbe's Leviathan. The emerging blockchain ecosystem (ETH, as the dominant one, is used as standard in the podcast) of smart contracts is a protocol, as disinterested as an arbiter, and hence not subject to the potential evil of world-conquest focused Leviathan.

I like it.



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