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Death in the Underdocks

Meet Jess of the -- kinda police -- force (I want to call it the Jessforce but does that mean I'd have to change her name? ) from Bartrop Station in Red Reach. She's commoner. Well, commoner on Gelion. She'd call herself a stationer. She's packing a control rod. No power weapons are allowed on pain of death on Gelion and commoners have no agency under Sword Law. So some folks, like Palace Errants, get to use control rods for some reasons. But Jess packing may be an issue in some quarters. She'll need backup from the Red Reach's court presence in Red Hearth. She'll have some cultural landmines to contend with. But it's her job to be at court. On a mission.

Sketch of Jess, above, is by Richard Bartrop, the illustrator who'll be sketching the story as we go forward with updates every Monday. Some posts will be work-up posts, like this one, and some will be draft story. When it's all done, we'll put it together as a publication that extends Okal Rel canon.

To take part, make suggestions, learn or ask questions you can comment on the blog, here, or join our discord.


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