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Friday Journal Aug 6, 2021

One face of #slowculture is declining to engage in a losing proposition of pitching pennies at the moon in favor of redefining the turf. Might some of the phenomena below be cousins?

  • 'Lying Flat' movement of Millennials in China. (1)

  • Disillusionment of students whose education fails to deliver a career (2)

  • Minimalism (3)


(2) Here's one example: Casey, B. (Oct 22, 2012) The Grad School Scam on Money After Graduation at

(3) Einzelgänger. (Feb 4, 2021). Why Letting Go Is True Wealth | Minimalist Philosophy for Simple Living.


The Friday journal is a repository for stray throughs and chance encounters for the previous week. For better formed gems try the REALITY SKIMMING category on this blog.


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