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 Reality Skimming Blog

Do you reality skim?

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

"Reality skimming" has multiple meanings in the context of

Originally, of course, it is the name for the faster-than-light mode of space travel in a #spaceship that underpins the #scifi setting of the Okal Rel Universe (ORU).

It became the name of the small press I ran for a few years after buying out my IP rights from Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Since then it's become a metaphor for the way I engage the world as a writer.

The manifestations of this that I feel equipped to define, today, are:

  1. Abstracting from experience to refract the essence of a thing into fiction, rather than retaining the details.

  2. A bite-sized insights sparked by some stimulus that coalesce into something roughly blog-post sized.

More broadly speaking, the reality skimming perspective is that which observes, connects and flies on, possibly storing up nodes in a mental map that might get knitted into stories somewhere down the line.

I spent most of my life in reality skimming mode with respect to the writer in me cooking up the Okal Rel Universe, and feel inclined to continue here.

If you reality skim yourself, I'd like to hear from you.


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