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DIU001 notes week of Jul 26, 2021

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

It's evolving as a kidnap story but I want to work in additional murders as the kidnapped Red Reach highborn boy Jess was sent to find becomes something of a fatal treasure(1) in the UnderDocks.

Bits and Pieces

  • The boy (fairly young, although Vrellish highborns grow up fast so a 3 yr old would be more like ... maybe a 6 yr old Homo Sapien at least in coordination/physical skills) lost his closest femkin in some kind of accident/shakeup (war) between clans, which is why his home station is acting for him.

  • New name possibility for someone in the story: Omok. (I just like it.) Maybe the boy who's been kidnapped?

  • How to make "Jess of the JessForce" work. Each station names its stationer police force after the lead officer. (Of course this is Red Reach station we're talking about, so "Each station" might be more like "there's a trend for ...")

  • Scene brewing in which Vras opines it won't be so bad for the kid to be raised in the Knotted Strings, and while he supports recovery efforts by Bartrop Station it isn't for reasons Tatt might assume.

(1) Is there a meme for this in murder mysteries? Like "monkey's paw" is shorthand for getting wishes that wind up backfiring.

Work in Progress notes capture ideas that pop up while creator(s) are washing dishes, walking dogs, driving to work, etc. For published stories in the #okalrel universe, on this blog, see the STORY category.

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