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DIU001 notes week of Aug 9, 2021

Got a theme, got a start, need to work on complications.

Bits and Pieces

  • MEME: the serial killings following an missing treasure

  • THEME: class relationships in subcultures

  • LORE: will feature Red Reach Vrellish, plus UnderDocks commoners and Monatese

  • ANCHORs: The Justice Ministry of Ditatt Monitum which features toward the end of the #okalrel saga; Vras Vrel and Ditatt Monitum characters.

  • OPENING: Braz finds body during first days as Justice Ministry officer while still negotiating his relationship to underlings.

  • DEVELOPMENT: First murder will solve itself when Braz and Jess connect at the Justice Ministry, where Jess and Vras meet with Tatt.

I'll keep puttering at the above for weeks. And I know the next phase of finding the treasure (a kidnapped Vrellish boy) must reply more on Srg Taff and Jess, throwing them together with Braz. I need to discover at least 2 additional twists in the plot involving the boy. Maybe he, himself, is the killer of the next victim? Gets away and is recaptured? I know I want the hunt to explore the subcultures identified. And have variety. If initial kidnappers were planning to take him to the Knotted Strings as a breeder (I have a scene in my head where Vras opined on this not being such a terrible fate) then next step should be different. There's piloting potential. Ransom (would let me feature Vrellish attitude here inspired by historic Lorel atrocities). Maybe even a dark, nasty blood-healing cult/business? Or anit-Sevolite commoner terrorist group? The plot must thicken.

Work in Progress notes capture ideas that pop up while creator(s) are washing dishes, walking dogs, driving to work, etc. For published stories in the #okalrel universe, on this blog, see the STORY category.

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