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DIU001 notes week of Aug 16, 2021

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

POV explorations underway.

Bits and Pieces

  • Next scene features the kidnapped boy from his own POV. Which was fun. I think I'll keep that up. Braz searching for Okar Krisht (he has a name now) and Okar himself, with a naive child-Vrellish highborn point of view. Physically confident. Mentally - well, 6 yrs old. He'd look more like a small 11 or 12 year old from homo sapiens standpoint.

  • I like having a term for natural humans (homo sapiens or just sapiens) that's different from "commoner" since commoner has a lot of neo-feudal wallop packed into it. I credit Harari's book Sapiens for this usage. All humans are humans. But in the ORU, as with points in the past, there may be more than one species or sub-species around. Sapiens can breed with Sevolites so it may be pushing it to call them separate species, but then we're not shy about calling Lions and Tigers separate species because there are Ligars. But enough of that for now.

  • I have a tendency to proliferate points of view. Must keep an eye on that. Although I may experiment with some that I drop in the 2nd draft.

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